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Thursday's Tweets

07:22 RT @cschweitz: So...about this: http://t.co/oT7YfKXj [Time Magazine as fetish porn?]
08:47 Day one on the new job. Hanging out in a conference room while they figure out what to do with me.
11:02 @VictoriaDahl I was a volunteer for a @MythBusters myth last week. It'll take a few months before it airs.
19:12 Survived day one of re-employment. Oh, and put in my order for a Nikon D800. Hope I'm still working by the time it ships.
19:13 @JenniferEchols I'm told one couple flew from Philly to SF for the @mythbusters experiment. So you could've been with us. @VictoriaDahl
19:50 Hello, nurse! An extensive history of the Animaniacs! http://t.co/eAKwOgfq I met Rob, Jess & Tress and got them to autograph a cel.