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Wednesday's Tweets

07:49 Atheist gets the military to accept Flying Spaghetti Monster as a real religious thing. http://t.co/S7qJ9xCE
08:02 @Srikanth_gullap @JohnRossBowie As Ted Sturgeon, 90% of everything is crud. That includes people's opinions, actors or not. Speak on, JRB.
09:49 That NY Times article about Apple's crazy low tax rate? Yeah, it was crap. Totally wrong in its wrongness. http://t.co/h9ixLNjF
12:02 My Twitter feed today'll be full of Obama quotes re: gay marriage. I don't mind, really. Wish his evolution had come sooner, though.
14:27 Weird. Log Cabin Republicans are mad that Obama supports gay marriage rights? More important to be Republican than gay? http://t.co/XUM97UMs
18:09 Michele Bachmann claims dual citizenship with Switzerland? Does she understand the Swiss are supposed to be all neutral 'n stuff?
18:58 @cschweitz Is it wrong that now I can't think of you any other way?
20:20 Someone should tell Mitt that if you want to show resolve and consistency, denying others equal rights isn't the stand.
21:39 Still catching up on old @KevinPollak's Chat Show eps. Shocked to learn that Tara's dating Warren. Does Willow know about this?