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Tuesday's Tweets

09:50 A beautiful sunny day. Perfect for getting my car serviced and walking home.
12:57 Love these podcasters: @decoder_ring @ThrillingAdv @reduced @paulandstorm @hellobuglers @macosken @chrismarquardt What are your favorites?
13:20 Black Repug Congresscritter quotes Confederate general in a speech. I can feel my brain snap shut. http://t.co/mZvmwpGc
15:27 They say the most creative people in Hollywood are in the Accounting Dept. Guess publishing isn't much different. http://t.co/K7b17tsq
15:42 @alwayscoffee You win? No, every guy who gets to see you in it, they win.
15:44 @alwayscoffee Really? Usually I make them laugh out loud!
17:35 This is great comment spam on my site: "amazing snap-shot! Did you change your shutter speed?"
18:53 North Carolina had the chance to shame California by doing the right thing. They blew it.