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Tuesday's Tweets

12:04 8am start tomorrow for my @MythBusters experiment. And it's a 2 hour drive from here. What *have* I done?
15:06 RIM stages event at Sydney Apple Store in desperate grab for attention & relevance, fails at the latter. http://t.co/bcxvCLxx
15:09 Funny. Saw a tweet that said what I wanted to say, realized it was mine. Shouldn't change my avatar; it only confuses me.
17:17 @nprscottsimon Surely that's more elegant, brilliant, beautiful and cosmopolitan than asking "Who farted?", isn't it?
17:20 "The incompleteness of the (new BlackBerry) phone only becomes apparent when it is switched on." (It can't make calls.) http://t.co/FEKjKgO9
20:25 Thanks to @KevinPollak's Chat Show, need to reconsider the musical Wicked. Saw it in SF & wasn't thrilled. They rewrote it right after that.