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Sunday's Tweets

08:10 Google: Android is open source, except when we say it isn't. http://t.co/Pjla7ZRS
08:27 When the photographer becomes the photographee. Thanks, Craig! http://t.co/Itzqy8Oa
08:29 @HappyTinfoilCat Sorry, but open is open. You can't declare open source and then hold it back when it's convenient.
08:47 @HappyTinfoilCat It's more than config files. Google says differences between publicly available & what's on Nexus is nobody's business.
09:04 @IsobelCarr But how could even a lesbian resist such virile masculinity? Besides, she's just waiting for the right one to turn her straight.
09:04 @IsobelCarr And yes, I'm aware that that's total crap.
09:35 Scratch an extreme moralist & you'll likely find a perv. (Santorum asks to photograph Lindsay, then lamely denies it.) http://t.co/Mp3hJTLU