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Monday's Tweets

14:35 Minnesota GOP: not just intellectually bankrupt, but also bankrupt bankrupt. http://t.co/wi43PXDU
15:51 Dog: I could kill you but I don't want to. Cat: I want to kill you but I can't. http://t.co/8Z3pz1il via @ebertchicago
16:06 Fox's Steve Doocy to clarify Obama quote. What's to clarify? Doocy made it up. He lied. He's a lying liar. http://t.co/v2UhyGFL
16:14 Watching the latest episode of @KevinPollak's Chat Show. http://t.co/R2FY5Pa9 My Larry King game didn't win, but they read my email. Cool.
18:05 Wow. Email error sends termination notices to an entire company. Now that's comedy! http://t.co/RUIxEG6V
20:11 Highlights Magazine has been screwing with children's heads for decades. No wonder we're so completely fucked up! http://t.co/80os7MCA