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Thursday's Tweets

09:11 RT @alwayscoffee: Guys, is a Magic 8 ball still an acceptable decision-making tool? I'm, uh, asking for a friend. [Reply hazy, ask again.]
09:12 In a haze this morning. Saw Spamalot with friends last night in SF, followed by late ice cream attack. Good judgment in short supply.
09:37 An interesting and distressing history of so-called truth drugs. Movies make this stuff seem so simple and true. http://t.co/FbpAJu1E
10:44 Call to my cell with no message turns out to be political survey/cruise deal. Found whole thread on this scam by Googling phone number.
20:30 @AnneWheaton Koalas are so unreal, aren't they? Cuter than any creature has a right to be.