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Tuesday's Tweets

10:53 #JoCoCruiseCrazy participant David Rees talks Artisanal Pencil Sharpening in GQ. Fer realz. http://t.co/25SJWFjV
11:05 Rick Santorum's ending his campaign? Part of me is sad. (The part that revels in absurdity.) Too late for Perry or Cain to get back in?
11:08 Santorum didn't even wait for home state Repugs to show their disdain? No guts, no gory.
11:12 With Santorum out, is this Ron Paul's moment? (Uh, no.)
11:23 @JustaSunGod How could you forget Ron Paul? I can't, no matter how hard I try.
11:28 RT @TheStevenWeber: Now Santorum can go back to restoring his good name. [*snort*]
15:51 @nprscottsimon It's not about free speech. It's about not pissing off your customer base.
15:55 RT @joshacagan: I'll miss you most of all, poop foam jokes. [So will we all.]
16:14 Does Gawker really have a spy at Fox News? I might have to forgive them their iPhone asshattery. (But not yet.) http://t.co/war1CpmI