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Monday's Tweets

08:51 If George Lucas got his hands on Titanic. "It's better!" (It really is.) http://t.co/3zJYbBNa
08:59 Geek cred for Daniel Radcliffe for singing Tom Lehrer's The Elements. Not easy without a cheat sheet. http://t.co/PhRQqDTF
10:00 @thinkgeek That's not so impressive. Murray Leinster described the Internet in 1946! http://t.co/IuMT7Sy6
11:01 Foxconn's other customers aren't talking, and no one seems to care. Not even Mike Daisey? http://t.co/B64oxBPY
13:12 Mitt Romney says anyone who went to Harvard is out of touch. Guess it really does take one to know one.
15:33 @AnneWheaton Wait! You mean The Simpsons lied to us?
17:49 A new comic strip from @LittleLeagueLol? This day just got so much better. http://t.co/tP6PKSNx
18:48 Sunkist's web FAQ has a response to tuna complaints. "Perhaps you're referring to Starkist." Perhaps they are at that. (Jeeze.)
19:38 Having dealt with this one running a friend's forum, I want it to be a crime to misrepresent the 1st Amendment. http://t.co/UAb4sOnQ