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Sunday's Tweets

08:44 Am I just cranky, or are this year's April Fool stunts particularly lame and annoying?
15:31 No, http://change.org, repeating Mike Daisey's lies about Apple doesn't make you heroic or even relevant. It makes you gullible idiots.
15:33 RT @neiltyson: Yup. If pasta & antipasta ever touch, they annihilate. That's why restaurants never serve them together. [The man's a god.]
19:23 @GeekandSundry I waited 8 1/2 hours in line for my iPhone 4. How's that?
19:33 @GeekandSundry San Francisco to Sydney for a Farscape convention. Twice.
20:05 @Lomara I got to talk to @FeliciaDay! How cool was that?
20:06 I just got to spend a few seconds on the @GeekandSundry Google+ hangout! Talked with @FeliciaDay and everything!
21:04 @AnneWheaton You are having *way* too much fine with them googly eyes!
21:50 Crap. My mom gave me plain paper napkins with my school lunches. Clearly she didn't love me at all. http://t.co/BS7xr2iK