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Wednesday's Tweets

07:55 @alwayscoffee Winchester House is right down the road from me. Been by it hundreds of times, inside only once. More peculiar than creepy.
08:01 Compassionate conservatism, now with 43% less compassion. Is Mitt really the best the GOP can do? http://t.co/kvpwdOSr
08:06 @alwayscoffee I took some a few years ago. Should really go back, preferably when the skies are a little less gray.
08:09 @alwayscoffee Never could resist a good pair of puppy dog eyes...
08:45 @VictoriaDahl "I need a drink." That'll only make the need to pee worse. Cause & effect, dontcha know.
08:53 @VictoriaDahl There's your problem: too much imagination! Good for writers. Bad for moms.
13:45 @alwayscoffee Since you asked... http://t.co/OTxUTICY
14:40 Really? A @geekandsundry show starring @paulandstorm? And it's not even my birthday!
20:16 @KaleyCuoco @billprady I started with 2 wisdom teeth; now I have one. Thinking wisdom's grossly overrated. And I got good drugs out of it.
21:14 You can't make this stuff up, nor should you: "Vicar hospitalised with potato up his bum." http://t.co/CxdqDXts