Disorderly Content


Monday's Tweets

06:31 Reading @Molly23's tweets, I can only conclude that it's possible to find someone adorable and disturbing at one and the same time.
06:44 @alwayscoffee Look back about 8 hours in @Molly23's Twitter stream and you'll understand my appreciation/concern.
06:45 @alwayscoffee Also, you're way too far to the adorable side of the adorable/disturbing continuum. And so was she, until now.
06:47 Santorum is consistent in his positions, if by that we mean consistently offensive to non-prigs. http://t.co/3r0uyV9K
06:51 @alwayscoffee Not wrong at all. Even better if you've met @Molly23. http://t.co/OQKBXvzV
07:16 @alwayscoffee Speaking of adorable & disturbing, here's my first exposure to @Molly23: http://t.co/8fpMMHvq
09:44 RT @VictoriaDahl: From your nationwide bestselling blockbuster hit Fifty Shades of Grey! http://t.co/1NBvxFDz [I will *never* unhear that.]
15:56 Oooh, pretty. (ASCII art.) http://t.co/h38vfZpb