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Friday's Tweets

08:47 Spent yesterday at a http://t.co/VrbKvX9f event in SF, an opportunity to catch up with a couple of friends from my DataSynapse days.
10:37 This American Life reveals Mike Daisey's Apple/Foxconn story was full of lies. Can't wait to hear their explanation. http://t.co/n9BF0d8l
10:57 Mike Daisey on his Apple/Foxconn show (my interpretation): What I do is art. It doesn't have to be accurate to be true. http://t.co/7ITs0jNx
11:17 @BuzzFeed How can Mike Daisey's point and his cause re Apple/Foxconn not be questionable when he has to make shit up to justify them?
11:33 They're tearing San Francisco's Metreon apart. Wonder if it'll ever be anything other than a retailing fail.
12:02 Am I the only one who wishes Apple would sue Mike Daisey for slander? They won't, but I'd like to see the lying liar get his.
12:17 We're constantly being told by @WaitWait Don't Tell Me, whether we wait (wait) or not. #NPRconfessions
12:45 Wassamatta, WI? Afraid to have someone support a woman's abortion decision as doctor tries to bully her out of it? http://t.co/1FA90Qoo
13:35 @VictoriaDahl Wait, there's such a thing as vaginal sex?
16:20 A month after my interviews, potential employer came back with an answer. Sadly, not the one I wanted. *sigh*
16:21 Thought my car stereo was dying, as right channel went away. Turned out to be a bad cable to my iPhone. Nothing better than a cheap fix.
16:22 @BonesMcCoy Red Shirt Memorial Fund. Better yet, blue sweaters for red shirts.
16:23 @alwayscoffee Thanks, Ali. At least I can stop wondering.
17:04 @wilw More #RadioFreeBurrito? Yes, definitely!
17:22 Good grief! Houston paper imagines other comic strips following Doonesberry in taking on the Texas Sonogram Bill. http://t.co/YRqNxqzh