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Wednesday's Tweets

07:38 @altonbrown Perfect food show? Funny, informative, inspiring, makes me drool (but in a good way). All of which describes #GoodEats
09:53 @barryeisler "Get this shit out of their system"? Was that a Santorum joke?
09:55 Happy π Day, everyone! What kind of π will you be having? I'm thinking Boston Cream.
10:23 My parents had a set of Britannicas, & dozens of their yearly update volumes. Looked beautiful on their shelves, where they sat unread.
10:40 RT @pourmecoffee: Honoring Pi Day by being irrational. [Why is this night different than all other nights?]
11:38 I want to bite their little heads off. http://t.co/oNlrRUxV
12:55 @barryeisler Dan Savage did one heck of a job. Hard to think of Santorum without thinking of santorum.
14:02 Rick Santorum wants to outlaw porn and get Puerto Ricans to speak English, dammit! (I added the dammit.) Please make this guy the nominee.
15:54 Embarrassed I didn't notice my monthly Planned Parenthood donation stopped when my credit card # changed. It's back, so screw you, Mitt.
17:03 Imagine a Sci Fi version of Deliverance on a mining asteroid. This would be the theme song. https://t.co/uymZyGyN!