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Tuesday's Tweets

08:27 Robocall promises me I can save on my gas bill. Which would be great if I wasn't all electric here. Yay, shotgun marketing!
10:05 Just put my @netflix account on hold. It's called voting with my dollars. #boycottrush
10:12 @IsobelCarr War with Iran will be self-funding from the oil we take. Isn't that how the Iraq war worked out?
12:07 That was quick. Netflix clarified their stance on Rush. They didn't mean to advertise there and will be sure they don't again. Hold unheld.
12:14 @pemalevy Looks like @Netflix ad was a mistake, a local ad buy. They didn't intend to be an advertiser. http://t.co/8jO00Udb
14:55 Does Patricia Heaton lose roles because of her political views, or because she doesn't know when to STFU? http://t.co/Xfc75oPe
19:44 RT @joshtpm: Ohio def tightening in Mitts favor. http://t.co/s2ZpGiya [That doesn't sound sexual at all.]
20:54 @ebertchicago To be precise, it was an accident @netflix advertised on Rush's show in 1st place. A local ad buy they won't let happen again.