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Monday's Tweets

10:04 Oh, Lorax. Your message was so loud and clear. What made you give up what you once held so dear? http://t.co/5oLzvZgm
10:19 Bad week for Rush. Turns out it's not just advertisers who are abandoning His Assholiness. http://t.co/iukADAFw
10:47 Wow. iPad + iPhone + app + case = digital ukulele. Just the thing for the next #JoCoCruiseCrazy http://t.co/GRMRcrX5
10:48 Why was Rush's apology so lame? Maybe because he isn't a bit sorry. (Duh.) http://t.co/ilEVkxDy
12:00 SC County GOP marches proudly into... wait, was there a time before premarital sex & porn? http://t.co/CkhII9WJ
12:48 Listen to @waitwait's @PeterSagal extoll @onthemedia's Bob Garfield for beating up on those who so deserve it. http://t.co/grOjGLjR
19:10 @mariancall "It's not you, it's me. (But it's probably you.)" - #MariansComputer
20:50 RT @StephenAtHome: Advertisers are abandoning Rush Limbaugh. Where will Summer's Eve find a spokesperson now? [Ouch!]