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Saturday's Tweets

10:39 Sorry, Carbonite CEO, but that's not remotely good enough. http://t.co/hgXlZW0O
15:54 Sorry, Rush, but I'm not impressed. That apology is about as sincere as anything else you've ever said or done. http://t.co/Nb7UKitH
17:08 Carbonite went from "we'll talk to Rush" to "we'll withdraw our advertising" in a matter of hours. Power to the people! http://t.co/itwv8ABi
17:24 Sharing cruise photos with my Sea Monkey friends makes me miss them something awful. http://t.co/Rp5Io48K
18:05 Beware the towel monkey! http://t.co/FD59eiTP #JoCoCruiseCrazy
19:16 RT @pourmecoffee: It's really slutty out there tonight. Everyone be careful. [Careful? It sounds delightful!]