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Thursday's Tweets

09:34 RT @VictoriaDahl: “@TPM: BREAKING: Senate votes 51-48 to kill Blunt amendment http://t.co/ZqyMA4iJ” Yes! Yes, yes, YES! [Too damn close.]
10:05 RT @ebertchicago: Andrew Breitbart: "I liked being hated more than I liked being liked." http://t.co/fo5xRB87 [Mission accomplished.]
17:56 Wisconsin legislator proposes most misogynist law yet, equating single parents to child abuse. Wow. http://t.co/2uRK4AOw
18:57 RT @BreakingNews: New Zealand's iconic but quake-crippled Christ Church Cathedral to be demolished - http://t.co/EnYY0qkb [Tragic.]
19:18 Someone should tell Sarah Palin that keeping quiet would be a better strategy. Oh, someone has? Several someones? http://t.co/0IahA7Xs