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Monday's Tweets

02:09 At the airport, headed for home. It's way too early, but at least this one looks to be on time.
02:11 Is Florida unstable, or am I still doing the boat thing in my mind? Might be both. #JoCoCruiseCrazy
04:53 Listening to @jonathancoulton while I catch up with all my RSS feeds. @paulandstorm are next, & then @mariancall and @Molly23. Long flight.
07:13 On the plane for home. No WiFi, so I'll be uncharacteristically quiet the next few hours.
12:26 Home. Feels strange, and not just because it isn't swaying back and forth.
13:53 Listened to @mariancall's new album Something Fierce on the long flight home. Time passed so pleasantly. Lovely voice, distinctive style.
16:26 A quick and dirty edit of some of my #JoCoCruiseCrazy photos: http://t.co/GbLZzBLZ
16:35 @Simalot I sent the whole batch of 45. I think they're of general interest. Let me know if you disagree.
16:41 Worst thing that happened on my trip: network connector jammed in my MacBook at DFW. Removing it involved tools and swearing.