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Sunday's Tweets

04:22 It's cruise day, and I feel like hell. Might have something to do with my total lack of sleep. Must find coffee.
06:04 This is new. Hotel WiFi says too many people are on, so I can't be one of them. It's because I'm Jewish, isn't it?
09:33 JoCo sighting! Waiting to check in and board the Westerdam. #jococruisecrazy
10:15 Paul of @paulandstorm sighting! Found my cabin, which is too cute. http://t.co/GRMR7t2u
10:18 Oh, and just had a @mariancall sighting. I'm squeeing inside. Which my phone tried to turn into squeezing, which would be wrong.
10:37 Okay, time to stop tweeting and start drinking. http://t.co/N160K9N7
10:57 A piña colada on the Lido Deck is good. A piña colada with a shot of rum on top is even better.
11:28 Spicy food makes me hiccough. Drinking this Bloody Mary gave me hiccoughs. Ergo, this Bloody Mary is spicy. QED. Also yum.
11:34 @billamend Yeah, what's up with that? You (or at least Jason) should really be here!
12:18 @Lomara Not this time; she was with someone, her accompanist I think. But I will. She's really nice. Oh, and I saw @Molly23 as well.