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Saturday's Tweets

05:47 Happy #JoCoCruiseCrazy Eve! Was out with Silicon Graphics friends last night. Too late to bed, too early awake. On a plane most of the day.
10:37 First steps on my journey. On the shuttle to SJC. Way early as usual.
11:16 First flight delayed 1/2 hour. Should still give me plenty of time for my connection.
13:13 Finally on the plane. Connection will be tight, which means I'll be a stomach acid factory for the next few hours.
13:15 Think I'll buy in-flight WiFi so you can watch me sweat my connection.
13:57 Layover is now down to 23 minutes. *grumble*
14:34 I was an adorable baby. Yes I was. http://t.co/rhLvzY3Z
14:54 RT @TheTweetOfGod: Do unto others what others would do unto you the second you turned your back, the bastards. [Word.]
16:50 Landed in Dallas and feeling pretty good about my flight to Fort Lauderdale.
17:14 Made it!
19:53 Hey, Florida. Nice to be here.
21:02 At last I'm in my hotel, somewhat unpacked and ready to wind down and get some sleep. Tomorrow promises to be crazy. #JoCoCruiseCrazy
23:18 Damn jetlag won't let me sleep. On the other hand, hotel WiFi sucks considerably less at this hour.