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Friday's Tweets

08:45 Today is cruise day eve eve. Is it time to get excited? Worry about what I've forgotten? #JoCoCruiseCrazy
08:48 Sorry, caller from generic sounding "cancer support services", but you're not getting my time, and certainly not my money.
08:52 Interesting photo shoot yesterday. Model was amazing. Shooting partner was a horse's ass. Won't make that mistake again.
09:17 My thoughts go out to @StephenAtHome and his family over his mother's illness. Oh, and mom, I miss you every day.
09:26 Funny how quiet the Right has become over the underwear bomber's conviction. Sure were loud 2 years ago about demanding a military trial.
10:37 RT @cschweitz: NO!! RT @TheAcademy: Excited to announce that THE MUPPETS will be presenting at this year's Academy Awards! [Deal with it.]
12:47 RT @joshtpm: DeWine's Endorsement Switch: Santorum Is 'Human' http://t.co/LgOjcqEY via @TPM [I see we're grading on the curve.]