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Monday's Tweets

09:34 Really, Sony? You raise the price of Whitney Houston's music to capitalize on her death? Greedy *and* ghoulish. http://t.co/FnQAZTsl
10:20 All set to get my windshield repaired or possibly replaced tomorrow morning. A reminder of why I stay with 21st Century Insurance.
10:29 Someone on #JoCoCruiseCrazy seems to think this is interesting. Gonna be one heck of a trip. http://t.co/2ZrmhRYo
16:03 @alwayscoffee Ali, I agree with and admire the heck out of you. What a maroon! She isn't a relation, is she?
17:43 Seems Romney has a Santorum problem. And no, I don't mean their standings in the polls. http://t.co/uK9aJYZd
17:58 Even if the Mormon Church was right about majority views (and they aren't), bigotry is still wrong. http://t.co/4lrzz4vx