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Wednesday's Tweets

09:17 @alwayscoffee @victoriadahl You two are so adorable when you're furious!
09:20 @alwayscoffee Just makes me appreciate you all the more. @VictoriaDahl
10:35 Getting even more excited about @JoCoCruiseCrazy, even if none of this stuff happens. http://t.co/kLpbTAnS
10:37 @reduced I'd vote for The Time Machine (the George Pal film) & A Connecticut Yankee (the novel) for pushing back on this chivalry nonsense.
12:28 It's the middle of winter, and I'm walking around outside in a short sleeved polo. Can't complain.
14:28 Sean Hannity engages his reality challenged thought process to claim Obama really didn't want Bin Laden dead. http://t.co/cAzoL49w
14:38 My idea for a bumper sticker: "Get behind Santorum. He'd be behind you." Too much?
19:00 Just watched the trailer for Karate Dog, two minutes of my life I'll never get back. Blame @gillianjacobs & @kenplume. http://t.co/1pVXKxMO
19:26 @gillianjacobs @kenplume I saw David Franklin and Gigi Edgley do Love Letters at a Farscape convention a couple of years ago.