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Friday's Tweets

08:24 How many will forgive @komenforthecure now they've reversed their appalling actions? How many will believe them? How many will trust them?
08:30 @KeithOlbermann Planned Parenthood should take the money. Helping women is what matters. @komenforthecure forgot all about that.
08:34 @pemalevy No, I think they were just reminded that there's a difference between prosecution and persecution.
09:00 @wilw Red Riding Hood, standing by.
09:26 Oh, Unicode, you have a character for *everything*. Even a pile of poo: 💩 (An import from Japanese emoji, I'm told.) http://t.co/IWzLRFAf
09:40 So @komenforthecure didn't really change anything. Looks like it's all spin for the media. http://t.co/56tk98CV
12:52 @KariByron But did you read the Urban Dictionary entry for "Kari Byron"? It redeems them in my eyes. http://t.co/efOwCiDq 3rd paragraph
13:32 @cschweitz At least it looked like hair back then, not vinyl.
20:07 He's cute, but he's no Crispin Glover. http://t.co/2MZQqXCF