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Wednesday's Tweets

08:17 Even if he means well, Mitt sure says stupid things: "I'm not concerned with the very poor." http://t.co/89AOcrbL
10:31 Paul of @paulandstorm demonstrates his total awesomeness. Storm, you're up. http://t.co/AopITr1e (They sing nice too.)
10:37 Speaking of awesomeness, how did I survive Saturday mornings without Space Stallions? http://t.co/NefRMfGJ
11:02 Robotics research explains why the better we get to know Mitt, the more uncomfortable he makes us. http://t.co/0SPaot77
11:57 @pemalevy Three big names? I see only two.
16:21 Austin really knows how to do Valentines Day. http://t.co/2pxDc8FA
16:23 Need more evidence that Bill O'Reilly is an idiot? Besides that "tide goes in, tide goes out" nonsense, I mean. http://t.co/kXZbOrvv