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Monday's Tweets

00:31 Home from #w00tstock and winding down before I head to bed. Laughed way too hard for almost four hours. Torture, but the good kind.
00:34 @wilw The feeling is mutual. #w00tstock is one heck of a party. @paulandstorm @donttrythis @nerdist
11:21 @donttrythis Maybe it was, but it was a pleasure to be there while you sang and played. Thanks for taking the risk.
12:08 From last night's #w00tstock, @paulandstorm sing a plea to George R.R. Martin. Just one moment from an amazing evening. http://t.co/6sn00DeI
12:19 @alwayscoffee Catch @paulandstorm if they're ever in your area. Brilliant fun, even after my 5th concert (3 #w00tstock, 2 with JoCo).
13:26 I feel for victims of Megaupload shutdown, but what were you thinking, relying on a 3rd party to keep the only copy of your valuable data?
13:55 I'm thinking this isn't gonna end well. http://t.co/19RhmMC0 (via @cschweitz)
14:20 Researching application frameworks, which led me to Aspect Oriented Programming, which led me to a headache THIS BIG!
15:33 Latest @reduced podcast talks about actors leaving LA. Not a laugh riot for once, but fascinating look at the business. http://t.co/ZEKl0T5W