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Sunday's Tweets

08:54 Overdosed on crab cioppino at Portuguese community hall last night, followed by late night discussion religion with crabby friends. Tired.
08:58 Dragging through the morning. But tonight I'll be front row @ #w00tstock with @donttrythis, @wilw & @paulandstorm. So excited! #sfsketchfest
09:02 After weeks of insanity, FL Repugs finally remember Newt is that guy who repulses everybody, Mitt maybe sucks less. http://t.co/5FOzmnlN
10:54 Newt's a hypocrite on students working their way through school? I'll add it to the list. http://t.co/TrwTW21B
11:08 For my parents' generation, support of Israel was absolute & unquestioning. It isn't & can't be for mine. http://t.co/hqJAOCzQ
12:29 For the humour impaired, this is a satire of Downton Abbey. (The rest of us will figure it out sharpish.) http://t.co/Th88nc4k
14:29 RT @wilw: «@clp772 @wilw I assume you've seen this, but just in case... http://t.co/2FOLqGuC» Oh. My. Gods. [Yeah, what he said.]
18:26 An hour to go before #w00tstock. I've dinnered, and am sitting comfortably in the lobby of Marines Memorial waiting for the fun to begin.
20:00 On stage right now. #w00tstock http://t.co/7yKgxO13
21:24 Intermission at #w00tstock. I hurt from laughing.