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Tuesday's Tweets

14:59 @reduced Maybe if you filmed it instead of standing on a stage with an actual audience...
15:35 @reduced Sorry, but all my spare cash is tied up in debts like every other good American.
15:36 Looks like claims for massive Jewish support for Romney campaign are as phony as everything else about the man. http://t.co/eJ3NnOFa
16:42 @paulandstorm Gilligan Cut recalls regular bit on F-Troop. "I don't know why everybody says you're so dumb." Cut to: "WHO says I'm dumb?"
17:52 RT @Cackowski: Great @ThrillingAdv cast photo from @SFSketchfest :http://t.co/EWK3fm3i [You guys were amazing!]
17:54 Nice of Mitt to release tax returns today. Makes the State of the Union so much more compelling. Call it the Romney Rule!
21:01 @VictoriaDahl This Guy's is a Single Guy? Gee, that's a shocker.
21:41 @VictoriaDahl Caress your bones? Was that more of that sexytalk I keep hearing about?
21:43 @IsobelCarr That was great. Wonder what @StephenAtHome was thinking during the Sendak interview. I'd have been busting up.