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Sunday's Tweets

00:03 @VictoriaDahl I think you look adorable and not at all like someone who writes disgusting sexybooks.
10:08 Was Chris Dodd as incompetent a Senator as he is a lobbyist? I for one am grateful. #SOPA #PIPA #MPAA http://t.co/6dMzVJhp
12:03 @billprady Gone for me too. It was there when you first posted, so looks like justice has prevailed.
12:21 Great seeing @paulandstorm onstage with @thrillingadv last night. A small preview of #w00tstock Founders' Night next Sunday. #sfsketchfest
13:29 @pourmecoffee But if Rush were the candidate, he would have to demonstrate competence, not just vitriol. Not gonna happen.
15:36 Former Senator Chris Dodd angry at Congress & White House for not being whores like him. #sopa #pipa (Apologies to actual prostitutes.)
15:53 Confused by the GOP Primary battles? @MarvinEQuasniki brings it all into focus. http://t.co/763myuNr
15:56 Tried KFC grilled chicken today. Concluded that not dying isn't a good enough reason to endure that again.