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Saturday's Tweets

10:42 Is being delusional a requirement for Repugs in Congress or just one of the perks? http://t.co/u9oRMZc5
12:18 Star Wars, recreated scene by scene like a patchwork quilt. And yet still better than the prequels. http://t.co/YIRSa19P
14:55 Catholic leaders in Florida tell Gingrich & Santorum to stop being such racist shitheels. Think it'll help? http://t.co/6UwzP9V6
16:31 RT @LOLGOP: BREAKING: Newt Gingrich challenges Juan Williams to a series of Bunker-Jefferson Debates. ["Oh, Awchie!" "Stifle, Edith!"]
17:02 RT @pemalevy: RT @cbellantoni: Romney won just one income level, exit polls show: http://t.co/nqrPi0w3 [His people.]
18:31 A little dinner in SF, and then @ThrillingAdv at #sfsketchfest. Gonna be a good night.
18:36 RT @TPM: Newt: "It is not that I am a good debater. It is that I articulate the deepest held values of the American people." [Cheating?]
20:53 RT @ThrillingAdv: 20 min until show time @SFSketchfest! @GillianJacobs @hodgman @SammLevine @paulandstorm http://t.co/WS1KhIim [Ready!]
20:55 Ready for @ThrillingAdv to start. Front row center! Entertain me, dammit!
23:54 Just back from seeing @ThrillingAdv in SF. Too much fun. And guess who walked away with the sensational @pagetpaget's script? This guy!