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Thursday's Tweets

09:53 Sad that Rick Perry's out, even if he wasn't as consistently entertaining as Bachmann & Cain. Can Newt & Ron Paul step up their game?
09:56 RT @cschweitz: "I have no questions that Newt Gingrich has the heart of a conservative," @GovernorPerry says. [In a box under the bed?]
10:25 New Colbert Super PAC attacks Colbert, tells SC voters to choose Herman Cain. Wait, isn't that what Colbert wants? http://t.co/3THLTYyl
13:08 Did Mitt Romney game the laws around IRAs & 401K to reduce his taxes even further? Sure looks that way. http://t.co/9v0JAJSy
16:48 Okay, new backup disk acquired. Backups have begun on both my computers. Gonna be a while.
16:59 Gosh, Newt got Food Stamps story wrong? No trips to Hawaii? I for one am shocked. http://t.co/tu04Yr64
17:03 @joshtpm I'm guessing they don't count Black dignity as a value that matters.
17:04 Thought I'd speed up my network with a couple of Gigabit Ethernet switches. Works great on my MacBook Pro. My Mac Mini? Not so much.
20:44 Watching Big Bang Theory and heard my phone go off. No message, so what was it? Now I figured it out: it was Penny texting Leonard! #tbbt
21:13 @VictoriaDahl Yep: Vaunted: boast about or praise (something), esp. excessively
21:16 @VictoriaDahl On my Mac, double tap with three fingers gets me definition, thesaurus & Wikipedia entry.
21:26 @VictoriaDahl If you use a trackpad, it sure does.