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Wednesday's Tweets

09:47 RT @thinkgeek: What we could lose if SOPA/PIPA pass: http://t.co/AeLp5stD [Oh nooooooes!]
09:50 Read @barryeisler on why #SOPA & #PIPA are a bad idea. Well reasoned and compelling as always. http://t.co/lVqOkfgz
09:52 RT @taxjustice: Mitt Romney's tax plan would cut his OWN taxes by nearly HALF http://t.co/C2q2P1y0 [Enlightened self-interest.]
09:53 RT @donttrythis: Another awesome audience in Cupertino last night. Their reactions were PRICELESS: http://t.co/rxBYcGk3 [I'm in there!]
10:58 RT @elbowgreaselube: The most entertaining SOPA & PIPA protest we've seen so far. http://t.co/GUpu3Juq
12:27 RT @TPM: Newt: Palin will play a "major role" in my administration http://t.co/8DRolGHc [I sure hope he means Michael Palin.]
14:54 Just finished my 2nd phone interview. Don't want to get too excited, but I think it went pretty darn well.
15:01 @scapersuse Mine won't happen this week; I have another call on Friday. But maybe next week. And I'll keep a good thought for you!
19:16 At @SJRep to see Double Indemnity. Sure hope it's a comedy. I like those!
22:39 Okay, not a comedy. This James M. Cain guy has serious issues, y'know? @SJRep
23:26 My backup disk keeps going offline. Not good. Looks like trips to Fry's and Costco are in my immediate future.
23:29 Oh wow. My browncoat - or should that be brown coat to avoid TM issues - is in the hands of FedEx. Can't wait.
23:37 RT @grantimahara: Star Wars + Dogs = WIN!! http://t.co/pg8hIPf7 [Totally awesome.]