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Monday's Tweets

08:57 So we say goodbye to the only sane and reasonable (grading on the curve) Republican candidate. Nothing but wingnut delight ahead of us.
14:27 Who needs real life when we have computer games? http://t.co/AGHWw5Ti
18:33 RT @toefer: @filmspotting Thought you might like this... movie posters from an alternate universe: http://t.co/RYkmuqwh [I'd watch these.]
19:45 RT @ryanjreilly: New ad out from "The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC": http://t.co/o07Ka3lW [Got my vote!]
22:34 "Hello." http://t.co/mqwgcwlt
23:19 Via @counternotions, Open Source, Google & free fonts. It has to be about hierarchy & merit, not libertarian anarchy. http://t.co/ExeIZIL4