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Friday's Tweets

06:14 Happy Friday the 13th to all my triskadecaphobic friends.
15:22 Hey, Google! That whole Don't Be Evil thing? That was just a slogan, right? http://t.co/vHgpdG4x
16:52 Back to watching Rain Fall. It's a lot like What's Up, Tiger Lily?, only with less egg salad. @barryeisler
18:24 Okay, it took two attempts, but I finished Rain Fall the alleged movie. Wow. @barryeisler
21:16 @barryeisler The movie wasn't so bad. If I ignore everything I know about the book & its characters... okay, it still wouldn't be any good.
21:23 @barryeisler Mine certainly does. Still, surprised I haven't heard of the director expiring due to natural causes.
22:10 @lkblackburne @barryeisler If you like slow motion train wrecks, you'll love this one!