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Wednesday's Tweets

11:53 Now more than ever: @MarvinEQuasniki. Because who better than a turquoise farmer to turn the nation around? http://t.co/Bs0eXeNs
13:29 Happy 16th Anniversary to @pairnetworks! They've been my web provider for ages now, and I've never regretted the move.
13:32 Two phone interviews in two days. Yesterday's went okay, today's not so well. Luckily, they're for different jobs at different companies.
17:15 About to watch Rain Fall, allegedly based on the novel by @BarryEisler. Wonder how long I'll last.
18:09 @KiwiSpyGirl @BarryEisler Yeah, so I've been told. Kind of pretty in parts, although I have no idea what's going on or why.
21:01 @barryeisler @KiwiSpyGirl Got to the 37 min mark. It may have been a mistake to take a drink every time somebody mentioned The Memory Stick.
21:53 Fotoshop by Adobé: the beauty industry's real secret. http://t.co/5xWRpDfm (Or should that be beauté industré?)