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Monday's Tweets

08:58 Five years ago today, Steve Jobs showed off the iPhone. It'd be another six months before we could get our hands on it & be amazed.
09:04 Will there really be moments like this on #JoCoCruiseCrazy? http://t.co/l0b0MHiz
12:05 RT @KobeATL: BEST photo bomb ever. :) http://t.co/QLtIAIdq [Hee!]
12:30 Interesting. Way back my insurer substituted a generic for the Nexium my doctor prescribed. Looks like they were right. http://t.co/I18YwoIj
18:26 @mariancall Clever will be nice. I'm just looking forward to hearing you sing again. #JoCoCruiseCrazy
18:27 @drtiki That's wonderful. Congrats! (A new episode would be nice too.)
18:52 Exactly. Anybody who likes firing people is a heartless jerk. It may be necessary, but it's never pleasant. http://t.co/bGfwwEmA
19:02 RT @stevenringo: James Bond is a Prick. http://t.co/lYe7HLZ1 Absolutely hilarious. cc @gruber via @taitems [NSFW, but cool!]
20:31 @KobeATL No SFBA? *snif*
20:36 Caught in my spam trap: "Meet Singles with Christian Values" Why in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster would I want that?
22:01 I love watching old Perry Mason episodes and seeing who I recognize. Harvey Korman a few eps ago, a pre-Trek @TheRealNimoy in this one.