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Sunday's Tweets

11:18 @paulandstorm Back to the Buffet (& sequels) #Fat80s
11:54 @daveweigel @pemalevy Newt talking to left wing groups isn't news. Newt actually listening to them? That's news.
12:59 Funny. Just recognized one of my stock photos in an ad for senior dating. Even funnier that the model's only 40. http://t.co/C29RH1nc
13:01 @laurakcurtis Just as well she doesn't follow me on Twitter, huh?
13:20 Life isn't like the movies. How is anyone surprised by this? http://t.co/etyChFRH
16:26 @VictoriaDahl @count_01 @MeganMulry I'm always surprised retouching photos. All these "flaws" I never see in person. Parts vs. the whole.
16:32 @VictoriaDahl Camera and studio lights are unforgiving. When I'm done retouching, my subject is as beautiful as she was in my viewfinder.
16:54 New tell all book makes Michelle Obama look -- what's that word? -- human, admirable even. Shocking, I know. http://t.co/qnANCWOf