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Friday's Tweets

09:53 To MSFT, computers without a load of unnecessary crap are a special class of products. Welcome to Microsoft Signature! http://t.co/Wey5K6YS
09:59 Yep, it's obvious after you've seen it done. http://t.co/QAldgInK via @gruber
10:03 NAACP schools Gingrich on Food Stamps. (I'm stunned the all-knowing Newt got something wrong!) http://t.co/YgMWs5oE
16:48 I hate you, American Airlines. Outbound flight to Florida now 2.5 hrs later, gets in at 11pm. Return 2.5 hrs earlier, leaves 6am. Gah.
16:59 Santorum is a real dick, plays Blame the Victim with cancer survivor. http://t.co/8lcAig1I
17:09 @VictoriaDahl I'm having an actual spit take moment here.
17:19 Farewell, Johnny the shoeshine guy. Now where will we get all our answers? http://t.co/qQwBkNi1