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Wednesday's Tweets

08:58 Mitt's rep tries to justify jobs claims, has to admit that they're bogus. http://t.co/V8q3Ur1p
09:09 News flash: Michele Bachmann is less delusional than Rick Perry. Yeah, it surprises me too.
12:53 I'm sad that my autocorrect just makes me look careless, not perverse like these people. http://t.co/qNy2SuW5
17:10 Creator of #Farscape has show approved about cult show's insane fans. Not based on Scapers, at least not entirely. http://t.co/UyF3e8K3
20:08 I knew Ron Paul was right wing, maybe even the most right wing Congresscritter in my lifetime, but wow. http://t.co/fq9JTHQD
21:53 "Hallo. My name is Newt Gingrich. You killed my campaign. Prepare to die." Thank you, @StephenAtHome.