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Tuesday's Tweets

09:37 Mitt Romney's best arguments are a series of lies. Why aren't the press pushing back harder? http://t.co/Ro6tp174
10:15 @MarvinEQuasniki Just be sure not to overwater the cactus if you win it.
11:08 Hey, Iowans! Vote for @MarvinEQuasniki, the only candidate who isn't a Koch Brothers puppet!
11:26 RT @jess_mc: My TV just told me Santorum is on everyone's tongue. [That's disgusting!]
11:32 Mitt on jobs: "Who you gonna believe? Me, or your lyin' eyes?" http://t.co/eiyul4oR
17:32 Getting excited about #JoCoCruiseCrazy, now about 6.5 weeks away. My official tee shirt is on order, as is my fez. Yes, I did say fez.
18:13 In case we had any doubt that @RonPaul is kind of a dick: http://t.co/yEgufeEs
18:24 RT @pemalevy: RT @BuddyRoemer: BREAKING: Nobody in Iowa knows I exist. #LetBuddyDebate [Are you sure you do?]
23:11 RT @StephenAtHome: If you, or someone you love, is a corporation, do not sign this. http://t.co/w3ZMU2BM [I'm not, so I did.]