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Monday's Tweets

10:12 She's Not Sure She Loves You But She Maybe Likes You But Doesn't Like Like You At Least Not Yet #lessambitiousrocksongs
11:04 GOP candidates would vote for Ron Paul if he's nominee, hope he's insincere in his extremism. Delusional much? http://t.co/AgUYRaaO
11:06 RT @ggreenwald: @ThePlumLineGS It's almost impossible to see Paul endorsing the eventual GOP nominee [Funny 'cuz it's true.]
11:32 Interesting that to Rand Paul and others, calling someone moderate is to denigrate them. http://t.co/7PKWEqFl
14:32 Huh. Ron Paul isn't a libertarian. He just prefers States Rights over Federal Law. Didn't We fight a war over that? http://t.co/V32E07ZZ
21:01 RT @BorowitzReport: Newt Gingrich on leaving the GOP race: "Not unless it gets cancer." [*snort*]
21:39 That Alaska cruise I've been talking about? Yeah, just booked it. Now I have to book the photo workshop on board.
21:44 Romney supporter admits his candidate is just blowing smoke. Why would you support somebody you know is a liar? http://t.co/Ch3AsykD