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Friday's Tweets

03:45 Couldn't sleep, so what better time to upgrade the memory in my MacBook Pro? (Pretty much any time, really.)
03:54 My first computer had 48 KB. My laptop now exceeds that by a factor of 350,000. Guess we could call that progress.
03:54 RT @BennyAce: Only a few more days until we can go back to ignoring Iowa except to confuse it with Idaho. [And Ohio.]
10:55 @cschweitz So Santorum is proud that he knows more about sodomy than Perry? He would, wouldn't he? http://t.co/D9dlgjIV
18:46 Glad I don't run my website on Bluehost. One spam complaint and they kill DNS for over a million pages. Ouch. http://t.co/fjQ09q1L
19:08 @shelbyfero There's a license for putting on pants? I had no idea.