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Tuesday's Tweets

06:39 Former Amazon engineer on how bad Kindle Fire is & how it got that way. Commenters mostly okay with sucky & cheap. http://t.co/MlvQ5dwY
06:40 Ron Paul's insane paranoia isn't just an artifact of history. He's still nuts. http://t.co/hgrLAhgG
06:49 @ClassicalLiber Prudent? Seeing the US turned into Escape From New York doesn't remotely strike me as sane, much less prudent.
06:55 Paranoid? I don't see the govt as out to get me. Indifferent, sure. Incompetent at times. But not evil. Letting people suffer? That's evil.
08:19 Off to Reno in a few. One of my models canceled due to illness; we'll see if the other comes through.
17:24 Perfect score for my Reno photo trip: contacted 4 models, heard from & booked two, one canceled (sick), the other was a no show. *sigh*
17:30 More Ron Paul weirdliness. We had no business saving the Jews in WWII? There's isolationism, then there's assholiness. http://t.co/Pm7B4w8h
19:44 AT&T's far from perfect, but using my laptop tethered to my iPhone is much faster & more reliable than this hotel's WiFi.