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Monday's Tweets

08:58 Forbes: iPad & iPhone make almost nothing for Chinese assemblers. Profit's all in components & design. http://t.co/oEYxVTit
12:41 If their support for #SOPA wasn't enough to declare GoDaddy scum, there's this: http://t.co/g4MkTg6Y
12:45 Warner Bros. really cares about intellectual property. Just not so much about anybody else's. http://t.co/9z6vRg4S
12:58 Here's to the ladies who bake!🍸 ♩"It's the most fattening time of the year..." ♫
14:10 @cschweitz Yep, I've turned down a fair number of LinkedIn invitations if I don't know them, or we don't have some connection already.
15:00 Road trip tomorrow. That means laundry today. Better be worth it!
16:34 RT @LoveGod50: PROOF that the earth is only 6000 years old - http://t.co/gqHynEAR [Who could fail to be convinced by that? Me for one.]
17:44 Been giving this photography cruise to Alaska a lot of thought. Then I clicked the Book Cruise button... http://t.co/suZ5wAqG
17:47 @cschweitz Looks delish!