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Friday's Tweets

08:18 RT @JustaSunGod: AHHAHA "Put the lotion in the basket!" - http://t.co/WYGhDKHK [Fun with anti-helium!]
08:27 RT @cschweitz: Puppies unwrap Christmas presents early http://t.co/3ExWD8Lg [I suspect human intervention was involved.]
09:47 @lizbelsky And a festive Festival of Lights to you too.
10:03 @VictoriaDahl It all sounds delicious. Lucky family! Oh, and don't die. Although as a writer, an infected paper cut's the way to go.
11:17 GoDaddy's stand in favor of #SOPA is beyond the pale. Glad to see so many domains leaving them. Wish I were a customer so I could leave.
11:30 The Chanukah story about the heroic Maccabees and the miracle of the oil? Not so much. I am heartbroken (not so much). http://t.co/vcPgUdG1
11:32 That was quick. GoDaddy rethinks its support for #SOPA. Still don't like them, but it demonstrates the power of public opinion.
11:42 "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." http://t.co/XwxjjxOp #jococruisecrazy
14:11 Went out for lunch today. Big mistake. Also, Armadillo Willy's? You screwed up your menu something awful. Don't think I'll be back.
14:15 John Dvorak is an arrogant, abusive asshole. He is also an idiot. Case in point for the latter: http://t.co/72ySc1cJ Be amazed.
14:29 @cschweitz @joshtpm How much of MSFT traffic was updates & patches?
18:53 Is it my imagination, or are the questions on the BBC version of @waitwait way easier than the radio show?
20:34 RT @YourAnonNews: Why did GoDaddy support #SOPA? Bc it had secured an exemption from the bill's terms! http://t.co/3yNmhaH5 [Shocking.]