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Thursday's Tweets

08:46 If Ron Paul is not a horrible racist, he was willing to benefit & profit from horrible racism. He gets no pass from me. http://t.co/IKHaf1h7
11:08 The true horror of Siri. And suddenly my iPhone 4 doesn't seem so bad... http://t.co/QsILSw5h
11:53 @Lomara Far as I know, no. Incompatible DRM. However, both will work on an iPad.
13:54 RT @hensoncompany: Ringing of the Bells: http://t.co/A959B1wU #Muppets #Holiday #thingsthatareawesome #Christmascarols [Awesome!]
16:14 MN gays apologize for cheapening marriage & making straight politician cheat on her husband. Delicious irony ahead! http://t.co/0jIGV6P6
16:24 @Lomara It may help to know that Nick & Nora are based on Thin Man writer Dashiell Hammett & Lillian Hellman.
16:29 @Lomara They carried on a very drunk 30 year long affair.
23:32 Happy Christmas Eve Eve, y'all. If yer into that kind of thing. http://t.co/Ht4xblHR