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Wednesday's Tweets

09:18 Who'd have thought http://t.co/MAYz5CcN would make an unapologetic liberal like me smile?
10:35 Via @thinkgeek (Hi, Timmy!), 19 words you should work into conversation. Kummerspeck? Yeah, I know that concept. http://t.co/4uLZQMmU
12:39 Truly our world is changing. And sometimes that's a fine thing. Like this: http://t.co/gmAlKOxT
12:47 16GB memory for my MacBook Pro just went from $1500 to $260 at http://t.co/zlHPsiRm. Wowzers! Got my order in. Speed, thou shalt be mine!
15:36 Whyfor is @gruber hating on Peter Jackson? I think he did a fine job with LotR, as unfilmable a series as I've ever forced my way through.
15:38 Poor Ron Paul. Don't we all have horrible racist shit in our past? We don't? Okay, never mind then. http://t.co/ha9zOAB5 via @pemalevy
16:36 A mensch of a lawyer takes on a purveyor of junk science's attempt to silence a critic. http://t.co/XB1Up2oj
16:38 @ravsitar Have you been to Vancouver? Much prettier than Toronto. @chrismarquardt
21:53 RT @paulandstorm: [S, to P] http://t.co/I5ClvJ8P [I love nerd humor.]