Disorderly Content


Saturday's Tweets

09:01 Penn Jillette uses logic to explain why atheism is the only thing that makes sense. https://t.co/dkaHopof
09:53 Think putting one of these on my camera would help or hinder my reputation? http://t.co/OfrRYPKf
09:54 @renatojr_rj Another what? BTW, missed you at the group dinner last night.
09:58 Via @ebertchicago, a font to identify sarcasm online. Because context isn't enough for *some* people. http://t.co/XdwtNapP
10:45 RT @JessaSlade: This is always good advice about dicks: http://t.co/BKnSTLMi [Hee!]
11:05 @renatojr_rj Arghh! Yeah, I've made that mistake a few times too. iCal needs a DWIM function.
11:06 WI Gov Scott Walker is one heartless bastard. How does more undetected breast cancer help anyone? http://t.co/kjKPzAp8
11:43 Not safe for work, but fascinating. I have two questions: First, how did they do that? And more importantly, why? http://t.co/sPWQo3pP
15:30 RT @bobbyllew: RT @OMGFacts: Google Search for "Let it snow." Now. [That's about as close to snow as I want to get.]
15:36 @LotusSixSixSix Life's interesting, Deb. Some good, some not so good. But mostly okay.
23:19 RT @billamend: 1960s Batman TV opening done with Lego... http://t.co/6hFb6YWK [Awesome! I'm ten again.]