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Monday's Tweets

08:19 Lowe's defense: We're not bigots, but we want to sell to bigots. http://t.co/SfY3Dvk8
08:56 Newt & Mittens saying mean things about each other, mean things that just happen to be true. What fun! http://t.co/sdNZBRO8
10:35 I think I liked it better when real news didn't sound like something @TheOnion would write. http://t.co/iNxQV0OU
11:09 "You get back to work, God! Be thankful you have a job!" http://t.co/xFvmNdUG
11:17 Gee. Glad I downloaded that fake Driver's License iPhone app before they pulled it from the App Store. http://t.co/lJ1ZV5z6
18:23 @tabacco I already have my ticket for 1/21. Front row!